Simple Spaces has a simple story.  I have always put a lot of effort and energy into creating clean, fresh and organized spaces to live, work, and entertain.  After twelve years of living in “vintage” Chicago apartments I became pretty good at cleaning dirt, grease and germs from any hard surface.  And as a person challenged with allergies, I introduced natural cleaning methods and supplies after purchasing my first Chicago home two years ago.

I started interviewing friends and family about their cleaning services and found few were offered toxin-free solutions.  Over dinner one night, I shared a hand-written outline of an eco-conscious cleaning services company with a couple friends and an idea was born.

 So, after fourteen years in the corporate world I decided to bring simple ideas and a meticulous nature to the Chicago market.  I am very excited to have launched Simple Spaces, LLC and look forward to talking to each potential client individually to develop a customized approach to keeping your Chicago spaces simply clean.

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